Police Follow This Van

By Ronnie Lawson-Jones
Ever wondered why companies such as G4S and those who refill cash machines have a sticker which reads ‘Police follow this van’ means?

Perplexed as to why you never see actual Police anywhere near it?

Well, this brief article looks to explain the mystery surrounding this sticker, its purpose and how the Police are actually involved.

What do the police follow this van sticker mean?

It’s a deterrent

Vans with the Police Follow this Van sign carry high value goods, usually cash and jewelry and are operated by trained drivers and passengers. Therefore, they are a moving target for criminals looking for a quick pay day.

Although it’s somewhat puzzling why they would drive with liveries on the van instead of making it perfectly ordinary to us.

Police may actually be following it

If any Police in the area are not in the middle of something else they may follow the van and stop as it makes the point. This could essentially make the Police work like contracted security which brings additional revenue to the force.

The likelihood, however, is that Police officers on patrol are briefed in advance to follow the vans to prevent crimes as part of their normal service.

Even if you do not see any Police follow it they may be using unmarked cars to do so. They may also not be following it at the time due to being on another job - again, the sticker is a deterrent in this case as criminals may never know if they’re being watched or not.

Give instructions to the police

Police follow this van can also mean that the van will not stop for any police for fear of bogus/fake Police and will instead drive directly to the nearest Police station to answer whatever questions they have.

Can anyone have one?

We have searched everywhere but are unable to find any legalities which state that you can’t make your own sticker as a deterrent for potential thieves. However, modern vans which use these legitimately are likely to have other technologies these days such as trackers which alarm Police after a set number of minutes of standing still to protect them from actual robberies.


The message could mean whatever you want it to mean. Everyone knows that the goods inside of the van is likely to be of a high value and a potential target for organised crime therefore the sticker itself is a deterrent, a warning and a threat all at once. Some have compared it to ‘Beware of the dog’ stickers on people’s windows or front gates.

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