What Is Clutch Judder?

By Ross Wild

What Is Clutch Judder?

Clutch judder is where the vehicle shudders with a vibrating sensation when engaging the clutch as it hits the biting point, or on the contrary, you may feel it when you disengage the clutch. It may feel as though the car is intensely shaking for a few seconds before being normal again and usually happens when setting off from a standstill.

What Is A Clutch Made Up Of?

FlyWheel - It appears in the form of a large metal disc which is mounted on the crankshaft and spins whilst the engine is running.

Clutch Cover - The clutch cover works as a means of protection for the flywheels/clutch in your engine’s transmission.

Diaphragm Spring - The diaphragm spring is used to engage and disengage the clutch, making it one of the most important parts of the system.

Release Bearing - The release bearing is used to temporarily disengage the engine when changing gears.

Release Shaft - Transfers motion to the wheels.

Pressure Plate - The main purpose of the pressure plate is to apply pressure to the plate and against the flywheel.

Clutch Disc - The clutch disc fits between the flywheel and pressure plate and is used to convert energy to heat with friction between the two components.

What Causes Clutch Judder?

There are a few reasons as to why clutch judder happens, but don’t worry they aren’t all bad. Clutch Judder happens to most vehicles but most commonly when changing from first gear. The reason as to why it happens is usually due to worn or contaminated clutch components which tend to be old or faulty. It’s usually completely unavoidable over the years as car components do become old and faulty naturally with age.

How Do You Resolve Clutch Judder?  

Take your vehicle to the garage for it to be seen to. If it’s a common occurrence then the clutch or components of the clutch may need to be replaced.

What Are The Signs Of A Clutch Going Bad?

Some of these following symptoms may be the signs of a clutch going bad and may need replacing.

  • High Revving With Little Power
  • Common Clutch Judder
  • Common Clutch Slipping
  • Hard Clutch