This depends on the type of contract taken but usually you can either hand the car back, extend the contract or purchase the vehicle from the finance company (dependent upon the funder).

We offer free UK mainland delivery to home or work. Collection depends on the type of contract taken. For contract hire or personal contract hire and contract purchase or personal contract purchase the finance company will collect the vehicle at the end of the contract unless you are purchasing the vehicle.

All vehicles include at least 12 months breakdown cover from the manufacturer although most manufacturers now offer 3 years cover fee of charge. Within the car or van book pack there will be an emergency number to contact day or night.

Yes, all vehicles include either 12 months or 3 years breakdown recovery, depending on the manufacturer. If an optional full maintenance contract is taken, breakdown is usually included as part of the contract for the full term.

If your contract included an optional relief vehicle then this can be arranged by calling the maintenance number provided by the finance company. Without a relief vehicle option a hire car can be arranged at preferential rates through the finance company.

If you included full maintenance in the contract you will receive a maintenance contact number from the finance company from which you can book the vehicle into a local approved garage. Upon request you may also be able to request free vehicle collection and delivery.

Full maintenance is available as an optional fixed monthly cost and includes all scheduled servicing as well as wear and tear items such as tyres, brakes, exhaust, battery and labour charges.

If you are leasing a commercial vehicle then smoking is prohibited during its use. This is because of The Smoke-free (Premises and Enforcement) Regulations 2006 which states that it is illegal to smoke in a vehicle which may be used by other people.

This is Government enforcement rather than something the finance companies enforce - being caught smoking in a commercial lease vehicle can lead to more problems down the line which may include invalidating the insurance and perhaps the lease itself let alone any HR issues which may surface as a result.

Therefore, it is pretty clear that you are not allowed to smoke in these vehicles, cars or vans

Can you vape in a leased car?

Vaping in a leased van is allowed, however, it can still lead you into hot water with the law if it is seen to have distracted you from driving. Sgt. Knapp of Sussex Police says "The smoke caused by vapes are a distraction and the consequences of them can be dire."

What is a registered keeper?

The registered keeper is the person responsible for the vehicle, its maintenance, roadworthiness and the recipient of communications from the DVLA and emergency services such as the Police. A registered keeper should be the person who will be using the vehicle, in this case, the lessee.

The registered keeper is not necessarily the owner of the vehicle.

Who is the owner of the vehicle?

The registered owner is the person who owns the vehicle as an asset and has control over the vehicle and its registered keeper. The owner of the vehicle is the only one down on the proof of purchase of a vehicle. The proof of ownership is NOT the V5(c) document but a receipt of the transaction signed and dated by the previous owner or the selling dealership if there was no previous owner.

The owner of a vehicle is often the registered keeper but they don't need to be.

So, who is the registered keeper of a lease van?

The business (business van leasing) or the private individual (personal van leasing)  is the registered keepers of the lease van with the finance company the owner of the vehicle, at all times.

Difference between the registered keeper and owner for lease vans

Here are some of the differences between registered keepers and owners in terms of a lease:

  • At no point does the registered keeper own the vehicle and must hand it back when the contract expires
  • The owner arranges and pays for the road fund license
  • Insurance must be arranged by the registered keeper
  • Parking, speeding and any other fines issued by the Police or the DVLA are the responsibilities of the registered keeper(s)
  • The registered keeper is responsible to repair or pay for damages on the vehicle which sit outside of the fair wear and tear policy
  • The day to day usage of the vehicle is down to the registered keeper

Can a leased van be registered to another person

For specific cases, you should speak with your finance company if this is possible. However, in most cases a van can not be registered in another person's name was the contract is live.

Do you get a V5 with a leased van?

Although your name will be down on the V5 document as the registered keeper, you will never be in receipt of the V5 logbook as this will stay with the owner. (leasing company)

A leasing company will set a specific amount which will be charged if the contract mileage is exceeded

This is know as a pence per mile charge (ppm)

Your lease quotation and contract will detail this in advance, prior to you taking delivery.

The charge for excess mileage will be made once the vehicle is returned and accessed by the leasing company or its representative.

The initial rental or advance rental will be normally taken approx. 10 days after delivery of your vehicle.

This will vary, dependant on your leasing provider so please ask a member of the team for confirmation.

Payment is normally taken by Direct Debit

Factory order is a term used when a vehicle is requested to be built and is not in stock.

An order is submitted by our dealer partners to the relevant manufacturer factory for a specific vehicle to be built.

Factory orders can take up to 12 months or longer, dependant on make and model

Please check with your Account Manager for further details and availability.

Yes, although we are based in Knutsford, Cheshire we offer van lease deals all over the UK including Northern Ireland. Driven delivery is free of charge to anywhere within the mainland UK however when deliveries are required to Northern Ireland, we can arrange for the van to be transferred to an Irish port but this will incur additional charges. 

We have taken part in exchanges in the past, but there are some requirements (van must be in decent condition, etc) if this something you want to do mention it in the comments section of an inquiry or use the Sell My Van section of the website.

If you aren't sure what your credit status is then it would be best to check your credit file with one of the the major report providers.

These sites will give you a good insight into whether you will be able to obtain credit.

As a default, we can not help individuals or businesses with bad credit.


Unfortunately not, most of our special offers are quite time-sensitive and are limited in stock. If there is a special you like the look at is advisable to enquire as soon as possible.