Electric Vans for Business

Electric Vans are the future and they're here to stay. Call us today and secure the perfect Business Lease to meet all your needs.

Business Van Lease

A business van lease is a great option for you as a business owner. We offer our rates with VAT showing so you can easily see what you'd be paying for your employees to be given the keys to a brand new work van. Low rates and added benefits come as a package when choosing All Van Leasing. We also offer fleet management and can source as many vans as you need. 

Impact On Your Business

Vans are often also a form of advertisement. If you want a positive brand image why not change your vehicles to Electric? This would be a clear outliner of your Business' environmental credentials for everyone to see as you go by.

Charging Considerations

Will you be keeping your van(s) at a commercial space or at home? For both options you'll need to consider charging setups and installations. We are happy to provide you with quotes and installation of chargers as we are partnered with PodPoint, one of the EV industries pioneers. 

Fleet Management

Here at All Van Leasing we go the extra mile so you don't have to. Any needs, queries or wants regarding Business Vehicle fleets can be handled and sorted by our sales team. Just call us! Whether you need 2 vans or 10 Isuzu trucks, it's really that simple. For more information visit our Fleet Management page.