Running Costs

When it comes to van leasing, there are a few running costs that you should consider:

Lease Payments

The primary running cost is the monthly lease payment for the van. This is the cost for using the van over the agreed lease term, usually paid on a monthly basis.

Fuel Payments

Fuel is a significant running cost for any vehicle. It is important to consider the fuel economy of the van and estimate fuel expenses accordingly.


As with any vehicle, you'll need to ensure that your leased van is adequately insured. The cost of insurance will vary based on factors such as your driving history, location, and the specific van model.

Maintenance and Repairs

While most leased vans will be covered by the manufacturer's warranty for the duration of the lease you will still need to allow for servicing and maintenance costs.

Typically most people will opt for a a maintenance package with their lease for peace of mind. If you choose not to opt for this then you will be responsible for the ongoing serving and maintenance costs throughout the lease. Most maintenance packages will include tyres but it always best to check when discussing your vehicle.

Road Tax

Your Vehicle Road Fund License will automatically be renewed each year by your finance company and this is included in the cost of the lease.


It's important to factor in these running costs when deciding whether van leasing is the right option for your budget and needs. Consulting with us can help you determine the exact costs associated with your specific lease agreement.