Complaints Policy

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, should you have experienced an unsatisfying service please outline your issue and your expectation for resolution.

As a compliant FCA regulated company, we are required to upon request provide customers with a documented complaints procedure. Complaints are handled professionally and can be directed to our Complaints Team. Complaints can be posted by writing to: to FAO: Complaints Team, allvanleasing, The Garden Suite, Booths Hall, Booths Park, Knutsford WA16 8GS. Complaints can also be made by email to or initiated by telephone on 01565 880 889.


We always recommend that every customer reviews any documents they have received and agreed to before lodging a complaint as often the resolution can be found there.

For example:

• To use our website, you must agree to our terms and conditions

• If you have signed a quotation, you agree to pay a documentation fee which is non-refundable even if you decide to cancel an order

What do we need to log a complaint

For us to be able to process the complaint as best as possible, it’s important that we have all the facts in relation to you, your business and the vehicle

• The complainant’s full name and contact details – these need to match the details we have on record

• Your vehicle registration (if you have one)

• Full statement of your complaint

• Copies of any evidence in relation to the complaint

• What you are looking for in relation to a resolution

If you are wishing for a third party to handle your complaint, we must gain your consent first before we can discuss any details of your account. This is in line with our GDPR policy.

What we do next

Below is the process of receiving a complaint

1. Try to resolve your complaint within 3 working days of the date the complaint was received, using the summary complaints resolution process.

2. If we are then still unable to resolve your complaint, a complaint acknowledgement letter will be sent on the 5th working day of receiving your complaint and a further investigation conducted.

3. After 8 weeks of receiving your complaint, a letter containing an update on the investigation or our final response will be sent.


As per our obligations to the FCA and our Treating Customers Fairly Policy we will always treat customers fairly and the same. However, certain types of complaints may fall within the scope of the FCA and as a result within the jurisdiction of the Financial Ombudsman Service.

Is the complaint in regard to an adviser or a provider?

Customers may express dissatisfaction in regard to the conduct of one of our suppliers rather than our advisers. When we conduct our investigation into whether or not the complaint relates to the service our advisers have given or the performance and service of our providers, we will keep you informed of this. If the complaint is in regard to the providers, then we will direct your complaint to them on your behalf.

In the cases where the third-party providers have clearly caused the issue, we will refer the matter to them promptly and let you know why we have done so. We will also give their contact details to you. At this stage, the internal complaint will be closed.

Examples of third-party complaints


  • Delivery delays not caused by All Car Leasing
  • Vehicle performance issues (repairs, recalls etc)


Agreed Resolution

It is our goal to resolve every complaint. If your complaint is resolved within 3 working days, with mutual agreement, you shall receive a summary resolution communication letter. However, if your complaint is still ongoing, you will receive an acknowledgement letter 5 working days after your complaint has been received and further communication within 8 weeks. We will keep the record of the complaint on our system so that we may refer to it again in the future.

What to do if you’re unhappy with our resolution

If you are unhappy with our decision then you may be eligible to refer the complaint to the financial ombudsman service within 6 months of our final resolution.

Financial ombudsman service

You can refer your complaint to the financial ombudsman service within 6 months of our final resolution. Their contact details are:

The Financial Ombudsman Service

Exchange Tower


E14 9SR

Tel: 0800 023 4567 (free for most people from a fixed line) or 0300 123 9123 (cheaper for those calling using a mobile) or 020 7964 0500 (if calling from abroad)



We will always co operate with the ombudsman.

BVRLA Reconciliation Service

You may also make use of the BVRLA reconciliation service to help you in the event of being unsatisfied with our offer of resolution.

You can view the BVRLA reconciliation service here