Electric Vans Explained

An Introduction To Electric Vans

The UK is becoming one of the fastest growing markets and a target for most manufacturers to sell their wares. Thanks to an ever increasing demand for alternative fuel vehicles and the ever increasing cost of fossil fuels, there has never been a better time to look at going "All Electric".

Currently, the choice available for electric van leasing has never been better, will all sizes ranging from the company Renault Zoe up to full size 3.5 tonne vehicles and beyond. With advance battery technology and vehicle design being at the forefront of most manufacturers, you will not lose out on what you require for a working vehicle. Load capacity, internal size and battery performance are what we all need.

Additional benefits of Electric Van Leasing is the cost of ownership compared to ICE (internal combustion engine) vehicles with running costs lower and energy costs being substantially cheaper the petrol/diesel. Vehicles will also be exempt from ULEZ and congestion charges, lowering your businesses overheads and improving margins.