Are Wind Deflectors Any Good?

What Are Wind Deflectors?

Although most people will just say ‘clue’s in the name’, many drivers do look at wind deflectors and wonder what the actual purpose of them is so here's your answer... Wind deflectors sit at the top of the front two windows and are usually made out of black acrylic glass. They are used not only to ‘deflect’ the wind but also aid in preventing rain and condensation from entering the car.


How Does A Wind Deflector Work? 

When opening your window, the incoming wind alters the aerodynamics of the vehicle, meaning that air is seeping into the car; which is also why you hear that horrendous buffeting noise when travelling at high speeds on the motorway. The wind deflector, although small, will actually redirect the air from going inside the car and push it around the sides of the vehicle due to its shape, therefore making the car more aerodynamic.

Are Wind Deflectors Any Good?

Overall, yes! Wind deflectors are a handy piece of equipment, especially if you tend to drive long commutes or like the window open in general. There’s nothing worse than being boiling hot in the car on a summers day, where you then proceed to put the windows down to avoid using the air-con and give yourself a headache from all of the ghastly noise produced by the wind. 

How Expensive Are Wind Deflectors?

Wind Deflectors can usually be picked up in the region of around £30-£200. Price is dependant upon the size and quality of the product and whether or not it is bespoke for your vehicle.

Why Do People Get Wind Deflectors?

There are a variety of different reasons as to why drivers purchase wind deflectors and they are as follows:

1. Reduce Noise From Wind (Buffeting at high speeds)

The key reason as to why drivers get wind deflectors is to reduce the buffeting noise caused when the windows are open and the vehicle is travelling at a high speed. 


2. Reduce Glare

Wind deflectors are also great for reducing glare due to the fact that the acrylic glass is tinted. The deflector will only reduce the glare through the side windows, however, this does still help in improving driving comfortability. 


3. Aesthetic

Many drivers will invest in a wind deflector purely to make their vehicle look sportier.


4. Prevent Water From Coming In The Car/Condensation

Wind deflectors do a good job in preventing water from entering the vehicle if the windows are partially open.


5. Reduces Drag

Even though wind deflectors are a very small piece of equipment, they actually do have an impact on the aerodynamics of the vehicle which therefore affects drag.

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