Van Maintenance

Apart from the initial cost of the monthly rentals, van maintenance and service is the next biggest consideration.
Ask yourself this question?
How much does it cost to run a van for a set period of time?
What costs will I incur during the period I rent the vehicle?
A maintenance/service agreement can form part of your monthly rentals so every eventuality is covered.

There are 2 types of contract hire agreement

  • Customer Maintained - you are responsible for all service and repair costs, including MOT where required
  • Funder Maintained - the leasing company is responsible for al costs.

What is typically covered in a "Funder Maintained" contract hire agreement?

Routine, manufacturer servicing

Replacement tyres, including puncture repair

Replacement of serviceable items, such as wiper blades, light bulbs, batteries, exhausts and brakes.

Breakdown cover is also included, even though you might be covered by the manufacturer. This is very important if your agreement is in excess of 3 years, which is when most manufacturer breakdown expires.

MOT testing is required.

For further details regarding the cost of MAINTAINED contract hire agreements, please ask your  Leasing Consultant for further details.