In the current VW van leasing fleet is the Caddy for smaller jobs and an ideal van for local deliveries, transporting goods on-site and for self-employed business people such as plumbers, electricians and decorators. Upgrade to the Transporter which is arguably VW’s most famous van and an ideal van for practically any commercial purpose - it’s highly customisable and can be turned into whatever job you need it to do.


For those wanting larger size and performance, you’ve got the Crafter which is the largest van in the fleet and the go-to van for home deliveries at scale, house moves and specialists. Lastly, VW offers a premium pick up in the form of the amazing Amarok - a tough as nails double cab truck perfect for construction sites and hands-on project managers.


Whatever you’re after, VW vans will surely have what you need at a very reasonable price. Why not give our van specialists a call today to let us know your requirements?